Walker Bay Australia

All Walker Bay Boats are manufactured using the highest level of finishing and accuracy. The result is a superior one-piece hull that is lightweight and extremely durable with no seams or joints to crack or leak.

Walker Bay Original Boat Series

This series has captured a huge share of the dinghy market since its start in 1998. The dinghies are made of injection moulded plastic (polypropylene) and have proven to be almost in-destructible. Walker Bay has now added inflatable tubes along the gunwales to increase capacity and appeal to a wider range of enthusiasts. (RID series).

Walker Bay RID Series

This series give the boat broader appeal with their capacity for larger outboards, more gear and people and even sail kits, Walker Bay has made this transition from the moulded plastic, in-destructible dinghies to the rigid inflatable models the right way. You can retrofit your Walker Bay 8 or 10 to the rigid inflatable 275R or 310R.

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Airis Inflatable Airdocks

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